Our success begins and ends with the Customer. 

FMA is an advisory firm providing solutions to companies within their Facility Service and REFM functions. Our customers consist of Fortune 500 companies, facility service contractors, higher education, healthcare and small businesses of all sizes.

Our team leverages extensive market research, refined technology, and mature strategic planning/sourcing solutions to assist our clients in achieving higher levels of performance, cost savings and efficiency. At FMA, we believe our success begins and ends “with the customer”.

FMA works in partnership with facility managers, service providers, strategic sourcing managers, building service contractors, and related fields across a variety of market segments.

Our focus is to provide innovative tools and customized solutions to enable organizations of various sizes to improve service delivery, optimize performance and cost position, while engineering continuous improvement strategies.

At FMA, we subscribe to the philosophy that complex problems do not require complex solutions. We work in collaboration with our clients to deliver practical solutions to everyday problems - in short, we provide S.M.A.R.T. goals and solutions.

FMA delivers a network of exceptional resources and experienced management professionals with a wealth of knowledge in helping businesses improve core functions in critical areas that include performance optimization, sales & growth planning, strategic sourcing, recruiting, lead generation, technical writing and related functions.  

Our Subject Matter Experts, provide an added level of expertise and focus on critical areas for our clients business, bringing a heightened level of awareness and expertise, providing added value in the performance of our work.

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We provide our customers with cost effective, customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results.