A message from the CEO of Facilities Management Advisors LLC

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly being challenged to drive innovations, best practice modeling, program optimization, and cost reductions in both a thoughtful and equally sustainable manner.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company, small business, facilities management firm, or building service contractor,  your focus is to deliver cost savings, deliver meaningful performance metrics, drive value and continuous improvement to your client's business operations.

In reality, I believe this same premise iholds true regardless of market segment - to drive “responsible” innovations that yield measurable cost savings, improved quality and added value in the performance of your work. 

At FMA, we deliver our client’s with proven methodologies that have been tried and tested, thoroughly benchmarked, and proven to deliver substantive performance results.

We are a “results focused company”, and customize our solutions around the unique requirements of each individual client.

To be clear, not all clients are created equal - at FMA, we recognize this and tailor solution design around your critical organizational pressure points and desired performance outcomes.

We believe we can't manage what we can't measure - this core belief drives everything we do - we measure our success based upon the results we achieve. In fact, we do not consider a project closed until our client, as well as ourselves, believes the job was completed to agreed upon objectives. Should our clients expect anything less?

It is my sincere hope that you will find your visit to our website and evaluation of our company helpful in your assessment our company and our capabilities. 

I can assure you that at FMA, we will work with you to deliver a cost-effective solution to your specific needs. In short...we will deliver!


John Garrett
President and CEO


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We provide our customers with cost effective, customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results.