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Facilities Management Advisors has developed a variety of strategic partnering relationships, or Alliance Partners, which add additional value to our diverse client base in the performance of our work. Each of our partners offers unique solutions that directly align with specific client needs and objectives, providing a fully integrated, bundled, and customized solution design which we believe, further enhances our ability to deliver cost effective and sustainable solutions that yield measurable results.

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A partial list of Strategic Alliance Partners has been provided below:


Agile OAK is a management consulting firm advising companies on their Real Estate and Facilities Management (REFM) functions. Our Clients are primarily Fortune 500 organizations, Higher Education institutions and large Non-Profit entities. Agile OAK’s experienced consultants bring mature analytical tools, in-depth market research and refined technology solutions to help our clients address the need to deliver increased efficiency, costs reductions and the levels of performance required in today’s demanding business environment.

CPBid Technologies entered the market in 2001 with their web-based platform specifically designed for project-based sourcing. Now, almost ten years later the company offers the TotalBid suite of construction cost control products, lead by its flagship product "Bid Automation."

Purchasing roles are evolving from traditional commodities procurement to also managing project-based sourcing of services, such as construction bidding and equipment sourcing for real estate, development and facilities maintenance efforts.

With the TotalBid suite of construction cost control products, and whose clients include some of the finest Fortune 500 companies and top-tier CRE's in the world, we believe Facilities Management Advisors current and future clients will enjoy significant benefits.

ISSA maintains over 80-years experience as the world's most recognized cleaning association. It is through this collaboration partner that Facilities Management Advisors LLC further enriches our comprehensive resource center, educational workshops, and emphasis on benchmarking, the sharing of best-practices, as well as the implementation of the CIMS quality system and certification program, whereby you can become ISSA Certification Experts (I.C.E.), while facility managers and others responsible for selecting a cleaning service provider can gain an increased level of confidence in their contractor by using CIMS and CIMS-Green Building (CIMS-GB) as a powerful pre-qualification tool.

Our alignment with ISSA also also provides unique opportunities to take advantage of the industry's largest cleaning shows around the world; networking on local, national, and international levels; industry management standards; a vast array of educational videos and resources; legislative and regulatory services; and industry news specifically focused on the world's cleaning community. At FMA, we consider ISSA a valued partner.

CleanTelligent Software has dedicated over 15 years to the advancement of quality control with its software solution, CleanTelligent. 

CleanTelligent automates efficiency and profitability, so that Building Service Contractors and Facility Managers can focus on what is most important with peace of mind. 

Each CleanTelligent user easily succeeds by customizing CleanTelligent to their needs with the support of top notch trainers.  Aetna Building Services was awarded a $1.5 million contract from an existing small account because they were able to show how they could enhance their relationships with the use of CleanTelligent.

Contact us to learn why Building Service Contractors and Facility Managers worldwide trust CleanTelligent, the leading quality control software. (800) 375-0375

We provide expertise in areas of strategic planning, sales and operations planning, demand planning and forecasting, enterprise resource planning, supply chain transformation, lean manufacturing & financial improvement projects. Over 10 years of experience in Facilities Management, Warehousing & Distribution.

SCS has a successful track record of implementing global solutions for manufacturing operations, supply chain optimization and new product development. Extensive experience in implementing Industrial Engineering, Lean and Six Sigma Solutions, Logistics & Inventory Management.


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