Where "Sales Leads" result in "Increased Sales"

Business growth doesn’t just happen…its planned for!

At FMA, our Lead Generation program is within the top 1% of service providers today - that's saying a lot, as there are many quality providers of Lead Generation services within today's marketplace. 

Yet, we are different...Unlike traditional service providers, we place tremendous emphasis on understanding your business through a refined Discovery Process…from operational methods to client performance, we believe we must understand your business to effectively differentiate your business & articulate your overall value. This doesn't happen through traditional methods such as script reading or call center telemarking.

And unlike most major Lead Generation companies, our subject matter experts come from within your particular industry. As such, they understand your market…from cost drivers to industry best practices. Why is this important?

Credibility…we believe it's won or lost fairly early within a sales cycle - this is important! And because we understand that, we perform at a much higher level.

Our clients have enjoyed significant gains in both volume of leads converted into quality prospects, and overall pipeline performance  – that’s not by accident – that is an anticipated outcome as a result of our Lead Generation system.

Our Customers have seen:

  • 30% increase in sales revenue

  • 52% increase in marketing productivity

  • 38% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness

  • 40% increase in prospect engagement

  • 42% increase in close percentage

Our customers expect results…with FMA as your advisor & ongoing supplier of Lead Generation services, we will deliver!


We believe an effective lead generation campaign incorporates key stages that serve to energize the lead generation life cycle. Each stage requires that we leverage refined best practices that drive continuous improvement over the course of the campaign. 

These best practices are revealed when leads are engaged, nurtured and converted into prospects, or Warm Leads.

We provide customized dashboard solutions to more effectively track progress to goal during the lead generation process, incorporating pipeline performance, sales cycle statistics, among other various critical in measuring program effectiveness.

Our Results:

  • 52% increase in Request for Proposals (RFPs) generated for our clients        
  • 42% average increase in Proposal-to-Award ratio
  • Our clients achieve a close rate double that of the national average
  • Pipeline-to-Quota ratio of 3:1
  • Improved Output & Results from individual members of the sales team
  • Cost effectiveness through targeted focus on high probability leads & pipeline opportunities
  • Reduced sales-cycle time by as much as 20%

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