Bridging the Gap between Opportunity and Business Growth

When FMA delivers a lead, it is categorized into 3 primary categories:

  • Prospect: a potential customer who has been engaged however requires nurturing;
  • Opportunity: a potential customer who has been engaged, qualified and shown at least a moderate level of interest;
  • Warm Lead: a potential customer who has been engaged, qualified, and expressed interest in the product and/or service. 

When FMA presents its clients with “Warm Leads”, they meet the following criteria:

  • Database: they have been placed within our database system and include accurate contact information, case history, known client pressure points, etc.
  • Engaged: They have been engaged through our prospecting efforts a minimum of three times – this means that your brand has been placed in front of them no less than three times, and that we have interacted with them regarding key features and benefits of your company.
  • Interest: because we have placed so much emphasis on the early stages of the sales cycle, we have effectively articulated your business value, and the potential client has expressed a high level of interest.
  • Brand Awareness: in short, the client has come to know your company…and wants to know more!

Our B2B lead generation program features outbound calls, lead qualification, and nurturing activity to identify qualified opportunities in your target market. FMA will proactively reach into your target market with live conversations…what’s the result?

You receive warm leads with expressed interest in your company and a desire to learn more.

And let’s not forget…at FMA, we understand that it’s a relationship oriented business – people buy from people they like. Let’s face it…they also want to speak with people who understand their particular market segment…from cost drivers to best practices.

Unlike traditional lead generation companies, FMA delivers “subject matter experts” who possess a high degree of knowledge and expertise within the clients’ market segment.

The results…we establish credibility, which translates into trust and the confidence that your company will deliver!

Our Results:

  • 52% increase in Request for Proposals (RFPs) generated for our clients        
  • 42% average increase in Proposal-to-Award ratio
  • Our clients achieve a close rate double that of the national average
  • Pipeline-to-Quota ratio of 3:1
  • Improved Output & Results from individual members of the sales team
  • Cost effectiveness through targeted focus on high probability leads & pipeline opportunities
  • Reduced sales-cycle time by as much as 20%

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