Where successful planning leads to "Results"

 Facilities Management Advisors provides the methodologies to achieve dramatic improvements through your sales team with measurable ROI by focusing on three keys to sales success:

  • Sales Processes
  • Sales Training
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

We work in collaboration with your team to develop and refine your sales processes. We work with you to implement these refined processes throughout your organization using tools and training to ensure consistent and continuous use.

A sales process defines your lead flow process, how your sales team sells to your prospects, who in your company has contact with your customers, how they should deal with each customer, how customer information is shared throughout your organizations, and all other aspects of customer acquisition and retention.  

Whether you’re already using a CRM  application or not, a Sales Process should be developed to be used as a standardized and formalized methodology for enhancing the life-time relationships you should be having with your customers.


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