Benchmarking for Excellence™
We Benchmark to Improve Performance

Facilities Management Advisors believes there is a specific need to balance the requirement for superior service quality and safety against cost. We validate delivery methods through best-in-class benchmarking, best practice sharing and focused assessments.

Forward thinking organizations genuinely strive to engineer service quality, delivery methods and safety into every facet of their work processes, technology systems, and business practices to ensure that their clients see the greatest possible return on each dollar invested. These “returns” can be measured in innovations in service performance and “sustainable” cost savings, improvements in both efficiency and productivity, and a focus on continuous improvement strategies.

Effective benchmarking allows us to confirm your delivery process is amongst the most innovative within your particular industry. Moreover, when communicated properly, benchmarking provides improved customer collaboration, ability to more effectively quantify performance againsty target, and overall cost-to-value ratio through data and service performance metrics.

Benchmarking is a valuable tool that fosters an environment for improvement in both cost, schedule, delivery, and quality of services rendered.

So Why Benchmark?

  • To identify and implement cost controls and savings initiatives
  • To provide trend analysis and visibility to cost drivers
  • To provide an understanding of the cost and value to others within our industry
  • To provide a forum for exploring innovations that yield measurable benefits to our business and customers

Facilities Management Advisors combines experience leading formal benchmarking initiatives and maintains significant subject matter expertise and a strong  knowledge of corporate services organizations.

Our collaborative efforts with some of the finest Fortune 500 companies in the world, best practices sharing through industry and trade associations, further enhance FMA's ability to deliver the benchmarks you need to improve cost and delivery performance in all areas of your program.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive long-term analysis, or a more targeted short-term study, FMA will help you achieve your goals.

Specific Benefits Include:

  • Cost Savings (20% Average)
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Integration of Service Commodities
  • Program Optimization
  • Technology Solutions to provide real-time Facility Assessments against your top-tier Competitors
  • Validation of Service-Delivery Methods through Best-in-Class Benchmarking
  • Access to Best Practices & Innovations
  • Improved Performance Management
  • Ongoing Regulatory Compliance
  • Monitoring Systems to Ensure Sustained Operational Improvement

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