Improved Processes...Greater Performance Results

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe".   - Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln was absolutely correct - achieving ones goals & objectives requires performance - achieving the highest levels of performance requires a commitment towards flawless execution (i.e. sharpening the blade).

Driving increased value in the performance of our work requires a commitment towards continuous improvement structures and processes for increased innovation, execution, workplace culture, metrics management and service-delivery optimization.

Our comprehensive operational excellence tool-kits help build effective operational processes and performance management systems designed to drive measurable business improvement and internal/external service-delivery excellence.

The use of our tool-kits at either individual, regional or global network of site locations, when implemented properly, fosters an environment of improved client communication & collaboration, optimized service-delivery, and continuous improvement strategies.

As part of our Operational Excellence package, the following specialized work tools are incorporated (partial list):


Through the application of our Operational Excellence platform, you will:

  • Improve program efficiency and overall production (average 20% +/-)
  • Align business performance with Internal company goals and objectives
  • Align business performance with External (or client) goals and objectives
  • Identity key organizational treats
  • Leverage scorecard data to make informed business decisions
  • Confirm and improve competitive position through best-in-class benchmarking through FMA's trademarked platform
  • Learn how to more effectively deploy organizational resources
  • Strengthen business position through Competitive and Business Intelligence
  • Improve documentation practices
  • Achieve measurable cost savings (average 25%)

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