Executive Visibility over Business Performance

Facilities Management Advisors accelerates breakthrough performance gains in delivering fully customized solution design. Our team of sourcing experts leverages extensive market intelligence, proven best practices and a full lifecycle approach in creating the strategies, operational structures, supplier relationships, organizations and advanced governance models required to drive success.

An integral part of our approach lies in the deployment of innovative technology. Whether it is strategy development, collaborating with information technology professionals or developing customized applications for your iPad for smart phone, FMA will work with you to identify, properly define and ultimately engineer strategies and work tools that yield cost savings, improved service performance, and drive increased efficiency and overall productivity.

Although often neglected, technology is often the driving force behind ongoing value engineering, product and service improvements. As a results-focused company, our emphasis on technology serves to foster an environment of continuous improvement, which we believe allows organizations of all sizes to more effectively measure, manage and improve  business and overall delivery models.

The Link Between Technology & Execution

We believe there is a direct link between the integration of technology into all areas of the business enterprise and improved execution. Unfortunately, many organizations simply fail to fully realize the full potential that technology might have on the success of their business. Within our 4 Pillars and Pyramid of Success™ model, the mitigation of organizational threats through gap analysis and business assessment strategies often demonstrate that the failure to correctly integrate technology into an organization's primary strategic plans and objectives is far too common.

Organizations that implement effective technology solutions will have established the necessary tools to improve departmental functionality, visibility to ongoing metric performance and if managed properly, will serve as a critical differentiator within an otherwise competitive highly marketplace.

At FMA, we understand the importance of technology and emphasize its use in nearly every facet of our strategic and operational planning methods. For this reason, our team includes some of the brightest subject matter experts and strategic partners within information technology who contribute greatly towards our ability to provide ongoing value to our clients. When implemented, our technology solutions provide for increased organizational agility and the ability to adapt to changes in corporate direction, demand management and unexpected shifts in business climate.

Specific Benefits of our Program Include:

  • Customized performance management software and dashboard design
  • We will engineer fully customized applications for your iPad and/or mobile device, tailored to your business and specific operational needs
  • Improved business intelligence and software automation
  • Specialized tools to identify, isolate and correct execution issues in real-time
  • Integration of improved solutions for accounting, budgeting, human resource and data warehousing functions


Service Offering

We provide our customers with cost effective, customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results.