Strategic Sourcing: Facilities Management
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When an organization contemplates going to market to buy a bundle of Real Estate (RE), Facilities Management (FM) or Capital Project Management (CPM) services and whether it is outsourcing for the first time or in its second, third, or fourth generation, there are a series of core questions that must be addressed.

These can include:

  • What services should be in-scope, and should they be brought to the market as a bundle or as separate bid-lots?
  • What facilities and geographies are appropriate to include, and in what combination?
  • How to best correct for issues and problems with current outsource providers without losing what works well?
  • What contract models and terms are best-in-class companies using in the market?
  • If an approach is designed that meets the needs of the company with respect to the above questions, how will the service provider market respond and can it meet organization objectives?

FMA's primary focus in the RE, FM and CPM markets as well as advisory experience in numerous current and recent sourcing initiatives allows us to bring unique perspective and knowledge to bear while helping our clients to answer these questions. Our core value proposition lies in guiding clients through a proven sourcing process that is tailored to meet company-specific objectives while providing market insights and guidance on best-in-class contract models and terms.

Key Sourcing activities include:

  • Current state / Contract Gap Assessment
  • Business case (NPV, ROI) development for outsourcing and/or operational optimization
  • Go-to-market strategy development
  • RFP and contract component development, including baseline, commercial terms, and performance management (KPI/SLA) systems and metrics
  • Design, documentation, and implementation of service provider governance models and processes
  • Bespoke RFP process design, including stakeholder engagement, facilitated interaction with service providers, and proven, auditable decision-making frameworks
  • Negotiation support including preparation using current market intelligence and benchmarks, face-to-face negotiations, and contracting
  • Implementation planning and training activities
  • Transition support

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