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Our Approach

FMA is dedicated to the knowledge-transfer process and provides a variety of cost-effective workshops & seminars designed to share Best Practices, Innovative Strategies, and Best Known Methods (BKMs).

Our approach serves to energize your company workflow, sales strategy & growth process, CRM systems & approach to more effectvely managing AND measuring the ongoing success of your company objectives, service offerings, and overall business performance. 

Our workshops are conducted through any of the following channels:

  • Onsite: we conduct live workshops at your site location which typically spans between as little as 4 hours to as long 3 days. 
  • Virtual: a popular choice for many organizations with widely dispersed employees, balanced against the need to contain costs, we deliver high impact online workshops & training seminars that have proven to be extremely valuable to our clients. 
  • Hybrid: we provide workshop solutions that include both onsite & virtual sessions that are designed to meet the needs of clients' seeking to balance a positive workshop experience for its employees while maintaining a high degree of flexibility in scheduling & cost effectiveness. 

Our workshops are further enhanced through customized content so that information presented is more meaningful, transferable & impactful to your organization. 

Further, our workshops are designed to be interactive and fun - we conduct live surveys with results posted in real-time on the presenter screen - we provide handouts, utilize a great deal of humor & incorporate video demonstrations that ensure our audience is fully engaged...and having FUN!

The result? Our workshops received an overall survey score of 96.5% last year, often resulting in those same customers inviting us back to provide additional training & support.

Our workshops address a diversity of subject matter including but not limited to the following:

  • Sales Strategy & Growth Planning
  • Sales Cycle Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Managing Pipeline Performance
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM, CEM)
  • Best Practice Modeling (IFM, KPIs, Service-Delivery Methods, Cost Controls, etc)
  • Benchmarking

To learn more, access our calendar & request a meeting or schedule a free phone consult to briefly review our capabilities and how they might align with your core business needs: 

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Service Offering

We provide our customers with cost effective, customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results.