Success begins and ends with the Customer.

Our focus is to deliver strategic planning services across multiple disciplines as a means to improve our client’s business performance. We have always believed that if you cannot effectively measure your performance, you simply can't manage nor improve it!

We believe in delivering a “common sense” and equally “customizable” solution design to our clients. Far too often, firms provide a ”one-size-fits-all solution” to customers evolving business needs - At FMA, we believe in a different approach!

We work in collaboration with our client’s to both measure and improve business effectiveness. in doing so, we leverage our organizational compass to drive the desired performance outcomes, utilizing best-in-class benchmarking in our evaluation of current performance models, initiating best practices in order to enable our clients to meet their goals and objectives.

Our Culture

At FMA, we believe that the Culture of a business, more than anything else - truly defines its success (or lack thereof). We emphasize work-culture in all facets of the business, and when supported by our company values, believe it drives positive actions and a strong commitment towards delivering a positive customer expertience. 

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

We believe our value proposition revolves around our ability to deliver “common sense” solutions to everyday business problems - we believe that our approach to solution design must be fully “customized” in order to ensure effective strategies that yield positive results for your business.

Specific Benefits:

  • Through comprehensive project assessments, clearly identify organizational risks 
  • Precision gap analysis to bring heightened awareness to challenges in all facets of the business
  • Leverage organizational assessments to move the business toward the strategic planning process
  • Better understand how to identify and move towards solution design for known risks
  • Deliver effective implementation strategies to realize the full benefits of the solution design process
  • Learn how to develop and implement an effective performance scorecard process to measure progress to goal
  • Benefit from our commitment towards the knowledge transfer process
  • Learn how to leverage best-in-class technology to support the framework for sustained success
  • Demonstrate improved performance in the attainment of the organization’s strategic objectives

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Service Offering

We provide our customers with cost effective, customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results.