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We believe in delivering a “common sense” and equally “customizable” solution design to our clients. Far too often, firms provide a ”one-size-fits-all solution” to customers evolving business needs - At FMA, we believe in a different approach!

The basic framework of our strategic management and planning methods is founded both in our operating values, diversity of subject matter experts and strategic partners, and our belief in the functionality of our trademarked Pyramid of Success Model™.

The purpose and overall value of the plan is the functional ability to meet our client’s organizational objectives in a thoughtful and process driven approach, which requires active participation and collaboration with our customers.

Problem Statement

Within today's increasingly volatile marketplace, senior executives, directors, facility managers, procurement professionals, sales managers, and suppliers of various commodities are commonly being asked to accomplish more, with less. Often, this approach requires such managers to explore opportunities for organizational redesign, continued education, or perhaps in some instances they are not quite certain how best to solution this ongoing challenge.

So what's next?

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

Many will tell you that strategic planning, in its various forms and functions, is an increasingly complex process - that it requires an extensive investment of time from all or most major stakeholders - at FMA, we do not buy in to that philosophy.

Our common sense approach to ongoing value engineering and solution design incorporates a comprehensive initial assessment strategy that increases awareness of organization threats and weaknesses. At FMA, we have always believed that it is much easier to fix the problem if you 1st have identified that it exists.

The framework of our plan incorporates the following stages:

  • Comprehensive Assessments: identify current business conditions in comparison to competitive benchmarking and best practice modeling
  • Integrated Performance Management: once organizational threats and competitive weaknesses are identified, develop corrective action plans tied to client specific customer metrics and balanced scorecards
  • Technology: strategically align the needs of the business with innovative technology designed to help the customer manage more effectively while increasing visibility over business performance
  • Collaboration and Alignment: ensure complete alignment with client goals and objectives; increase process optimization and overall solution design strategies
  • Solution Design and Implementation: effectively implement agreed-upon strategies with specific milestones and periodic scorecard analysis, followed by a thorough knowledge transfer process
  • Improved Performance: bridge the gap between strategy design, ongoing analysis and leading and lagging no performance indicators. Identify organizational shifts and positive improvements, while engineering continuous improvement strategies for areas not trending to established expectation

Specific Benefits

  • More effectively identify and mitigate organizational risks and weaknesses
  • Provides for heightened awareness of performance outcomes and organizational impacts
  • Validate accuracy of strategic methods and ongoing process implementation through competitive and business intelligence
  • Bridges the gap between comprehensive assessment and improved performance in all areas of the business
  • Drives increased collaboration between primary stakeholders
  • Cultural shift towards a “result-focused” paradigm versus a focus on “activity”
  • Ensures improved execution in all areas of the business with both periodic and long-term balanced scorecards to evaluate organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Creates a business climate that embraces change
  • Achieve sustained cost savings in a variety of areas including the elimination of redundant business activities that yield little to no value

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